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“Nobody likes asking for donations and if we can help the team while making that process easier on the coaches that would be ideal.”
Coach Parker
Coach Parker
Chicago, IL

How SupportMyTeam works.

Created specifically with youth sports in mind, SupportMyTeam is the best place for fans and sponsors to back your team.

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Set Up a Free Team Page

Transactions & Fees


We use Stripe, a safe and secure third party payment processor, to handle all transactions. We don’t handle or store any payment information.


Teams set up, connect and manager their own separate stripe account.

Our platform charges a flat $1 fee per transaction to help cover our operating costs and deliver more features and goodness to our community.

$10 Charge
($0.59) Stripe Fees
($1.00) Application Fee
$8.41 Net

A Cinderella story in the making

A buddy of mine mentioned raising money for his daughter’s softball team. It sounded stressful and there wasn’t an easy way for me to contribute. That got me thinking...

There are plenty of giving platforms, but none I could find were designed specifically with youth sports coaches in mind. Coaches have plenty to deal with and the less time they’re fundraising, the more time they can focus on what really matters.

I’ve been fortunate to have great coaches over the years. These days I’m pushing pixels more than playing ball, but maybe this can make a difference. Maybe this little idea will turn into a true Cinderalla story?

Steve Polacek

I'm Steve, a Chicago-native living in SoCal doing design, business, and tech stuff. I’d love to connect and hear what you think about the platform.